Run masterminds on autopilot at scale

Hive let's you organise, manage and track masterminds to scale connections in your community.

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Masterminds are special. Hive makes them scalable.

Organising and running masterminds is tough. But they're golden. That's why you spend so much time making them happen. But what if we told you there was a simpler way to scale masterminds as your community grows? Enter Hive.

We take care of the logistics...

We know masterminds can be a logistical headache, so we take that off your plate.

Easily match members with their time preferences

No more manual cross referencing to find the best mastermind for each member. We do that for you.

Automatically send calendar invites to members

Once you're happy with the slots new members are in, we'll fire off invites to their calendars.

Assign facilitators for each mastermind

We make sure every session has a facilitator, and that they're prepared in advance.

Without sacrificing quality.

We know it's difficult to scale masterminds without losing what makes them special. We don't let that happen.

Ensure each group has the right amount of members

We take care of the numbers, so that each mastermind has just the right amount of members.

Equip members to lead their own masterminds

We give you the platform to provide members with everything they need to run successful masterminds.

Get 360 degree feedback on each session

We give you insights from each session, so you can improve the quality of your masterminds.


Activate the hive mind of your community.

You'll be the first to know when it's ready.