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There's a point where your community can't grow beyond you. You've hit the limit. There's only so many masterminds, events, 1-1 onboarding calls you can be on. You do things that don't scale, but now you need to do things that scale. Your community is no longer a town hall and your village is at capacity, so it's time to build a city.

But how?

🐝 How can I decentralise control?

🐝 How can I scale intimacy?

🐝 How I can build scalable infrastructure?

🐝 How can I leverage the right tools?

🐝 How do I decide what touchpoints to remove?

🐝 How can my community scale without reverse network effects?

🐝 How can I keep my finger on the pulse of my community as it grows? can the community survive and prosper beyond you?

No wonder "communities don't scale well" is a common belief. More questions, than answers exist.

That's why we're launching Scaling Communities; a weekly interview series highlighting the tools, systems and tactics that scale online communities.

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