Our story

Max, our co-founder, runs an online learning community called 100DaysOfNoCode. Masterminds are an integral part of the community and act as a key driver for accountability, problem-solving and connection amongst members.

Although they provide a lot of value, they take a lot of time to facilitate and organise; something that gets harder as the community grows.

As Max's community grew, managing masterminds became more and more of a headache and a time sink.

He began to think, there must be a better way, surely. Nope. Not one community manager could show him the way, because there wasn't one.

´╗┐That's the pain point we're solving with Hive; a way of organising, managing and tracking masterminds at scale, so you as the community manager can optimise for what's important.

The Hive Team

Meet the team behind Hive.


Max is a no-code maker and community builder on a mission to make building community as fun and as painless as can be.


Prabhjot is a data scientist and game designer who believes amazing things can happen at the intersection of automation, communities and games.


Angad is a full stack and game developer who spends his days creating modular and scalable systems.